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Arlen Ness Knurled Rubber Grips - Cable Actuated


We like products that function well and look great. Thats why we chose to offer Arlen Ness grips to our customers. Anyone can run down to Harley and pick out a comfy set of Kuryakyn dildo looking grips that will only scream "I'm a total loser that likes blending in with the crowd".....If thats you, enjoy your ride to the stealership. If that's not you and your factory grips look busted and abused then these are the grips for you. These grips are made from knurled rubber and have a simple end cap....thats it. Nothing that screams "look at my big stupid grips"! Maybe you're into goofy looking grips and thats totally cool, but if you want a "less is more" approach to customizing your bike then these will get the job done. They are extremely comfortable and look great.